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mandag 15. desember 2014

Harry Potter Re-Read #1

As I am currently re-reading the Harry Potter alongside mostly American bookbloggers this post will be in English.

One of my Norwegian bookbloggerfriends has written a post about Harry Potter and she has a list of questions she found in a Youtube-video. Maybe the other re-readers will have fun with it too :-)

* Favourite book? My favourite has always been Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I love the first stories about Sirius Black, and how everyone believes that he is out to kill Harry, and how Black is mistaken by everyone.

* Least favourite book? I always found Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets really boring. To me it has no outer story, and a lot happens in a bathroom.

* THEN I cried: The thing is I have cried more over the movies than the books, because emotions are so much easier to get out in a movie. So I can't remember ever crying because of what I've read.

* Boyfriend/girlfriend? Neville Longbottom because he's sort of lost, and Severus Snape because he's a really interesting character.

* Favourite character? Severus Snape because of his dark story and his undying love for Harry's mother.

* Patronus? A dog.

* The Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone or the Invisibility Cloak? Since I am no witch or wizard I probably will never get use of either one, but for my curious being I would choose the Invisibility Cloak.

* What house would you be in? When I joined the re-read I took a test and it put me in Gryffindor.

* Which position would you have on a Quidditch-team? If you take away my fear of heights I think I would make a good Seeker. Otherwise I will be a part of the spectators.

* Were you happy with the ending? The good people had victory in the end, and I loved the epilogue. Last time I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was three years ago, and I was pretty satisfied with the ending. I'm a person who always wants more when it comes to book- or TV-series, and in this series I would love to read more about the other characters (not just Harry, Ron and Hermione) and what they did after Voldemort died. I mean, what about Draco? Yes, we know he got married and had a son, but did he work? And did Neville get married, or was he just a teacher?

If you write a post with these questions, I would love it if you leave me a comment with the link.


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