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søndag 10. juli 2011

Bok: "Take Four"

Forfatter: Karen Kingsbury
Utgitt: 2010
Format: Kindle
Forlag: Zondervan

Baksidetekst: The Above the Line Series follows two dedicated Hollywood producers as they seek to transform the culture through the power of film. After Chase Ryan returns to his family and a job in his hometown, his best friend and fellow filmmaker Keith Ellison pairs up with former Hollywood heartthrob Dayne Matthews to finish following the dream---making movies that might change the world. In this Take Four Ebook, filmmakers Keith Ellison and Dayne Matthews have finally inked a deal to have the nation's top young actor star in their current film. But at the same time, the actor takes a very public fall that threatens his reputation among his fan base. Meanwhile, healing happens for Andi Ellison in her relationship with God, her family, and those she loves, but is it too late? The new producers find they must truly act as missionaries in order to help save the film, their families, and the young movie star. Breakthroughs take place that the public will never know about, as the possibility of saving the world through film is finally a very real possibility.

Fjerde og siste bok i Above the Line-serien, og eg likte godt denne boka. Likte ikkje heilt avslutninga, men det kjem fire nye bøker og dei ser eg virkelig fram til. NB. Boka er ikkje oversatt til norsk, men kjem nok snart.


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